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Intro Design Thinking (DT)

DT  / What is it?

​Design Thinking is a mindset for creative problem solving developed by Larry Leifer, David Kelley and Terry Winograd at Stanford University. The aim of the approach is to bring together as many as possible different experiences and perspectives in respect to a possible problem situation. This approach leads to breakthrough innovations.

DT / How does it work?

Design Thinking tries to generate innovations from the intersection of human desirability, economic feasibility and technical feasibility. The focus is on the user and customer needs respectively. The products, services, processes and business models, etc., are developed in accordance to their needs by the means of an iterative approach.  

DT / Why does it matter?

The Design Thinking mindset fits well with the demand for agile and flat organizational structures Especially in a world in which the rate of change is steadily increasing. It changes our view of problems, team structures, customers and processes in the development of solutions. Thus, it can help us to drive the digital transformation and to develop superior experiences for our customers.

The DTP Bestseller

 “This book IS the best definition of Design Thinking that I have seen.” Kee Dorst, author of «Frame Innovation»


„The Design Thinking Playbook not only outlines and describes how to apply design thin­king. (…) This is an imaginative new contribution, with enhanced accessibility.Nigel Cross, author of «Design Thinking: Understanding how designers think and work»


“…worthwhile because of the authors, the structure and the contents. (…) Despite the playful presentation, the team succeeded to work out a surprisingly profound book.”

Harvard Business Manager, April 2017


Primer to Design Thinking

"The Design Thinking Toolbox is an excellent addition to the Playbook. Like the Playbook, the Toolbook is also oriented towards the needs of the readers. The three editors have asked more than 2,500 Design Thinking users from practice and academia about the tools and methods they prefer to use". 
- Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, HPI School of Design

The Design Thinking Toolbox offers five key elements that make it an indispensable tool, especially for beginners and for deepening Design Thinking knowledge: 

•    Assignment of the most important tools to the design cycle
•    Simple explanation of the use of tools
•    Proposal of alternative tools
•    Concrete expert tips from the community
•    Examples and images in the context of the application


Design Thinking Life

"Based on positive psychology and design thinking, this inspiring book shows how to courageously follow your own path.
- Prof. Antoinette Weibel, University of St. Gallen

"A valuable companion for all personal changes and future planning."
- Prof. Isabell Welpe, TU Munich

"This innovative playbook offers just the right mix of design thinking methods, coaching tools and systemic consulting for personal development.
- Matthias Mölleney, HWZ and peopleXpert gmbh


•    Methods and tools to improve your life to design successfully
     to initiate changes.
•    Many tips and checklists 
•    Support and Coaches with job and career planning
•    Powerful visualization


Design Thinking Kompakt

“Design Thinking has continued to develop over the past few years. Michael Lewrick is one of the masterminds to combine different approaches depending on the situation. "

- Larry Leifer, Professor Stanford University




  • The most important tools and methods

  • Combination of Design Thinking with Systems Thinking and Big Data Analytics

  • Business ecosystem design

  • Self-check for active use of the mindset

  • Design Thinking Exercise: Just Do It. Now!


New: Business Ecosystem Design

"Many talk about the importance of designing good business ecosystems. This book shows you how."
- Ash Maurya, Best-selling author and the creator of Lean Canvas

“This book offers amazing visual thinking style to help us all better understand business ecosystem design.”
- David J Bland, Coauthor, Testing Business Ideas

"As a thought leader, Michael Lewrick has worked intensively on the development of the design paradigm. His book meets the current zeitgeist and is the best definition of business ecosystem design I have seen so far.”.
- Larry Leifer, Professor Stanford University 


•    Understand the basics of business ecosystem design
•    Current developments of business ecosystems
•    Emphasizing the importance of a new way of thinking 
•    Focus on the challenge of collaboration, transparency and
     complexity of business ecosystems
•    Process model for design and implementation 
•    Presentation of the most important skills, methods and tools



DTP Community

DTP-C  / Who is it?

We are an open community of creators, entrepreneurs, scientists, design thinking coaches, facilitators, corporate leaders, managers and innovation leaders. We are interdisciplinary and creative. We are an open community to promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

DTP-C / What is special?

The DTP community lives the Design Thinking Mindset. We share our knowledge, have a positive attitude and carry this spirit into the realization of our daily challenges. Thus, we have managed not only to establish Design Thinking in Europe and beyond, but also to constantly develop our mindset further.

DTP-C / Why joining?

As a DTP community member, you have free access to a unique network. In addition, you will learn exciting news and know when the relevant events take place. Of course, in the near future, you will also have access to new methods and tools that the community develops and discusses.


DTP-WS  / Facilitation


•    Top DTP experts
•    Multilingual
•    Industry experience
•    Technological know-how
•    Digitization Champions
•    Solution-oriented
•    Target and practice orientied
•    Verifiable references

DTP-WS / Classics

We offer design thinking workshops, consulting and coaching ourselves and through our partners.
The "classics" are our 2-3 day Design Thinking workshops for all group sizes, as well as one-day jam sessions or half-day workshops. Contact us for individual workshop offers, consulting services or lectures on the subject of Design Thinking and Business Transformation.

Costs on request, premises, incl. metawalls, flipcharts, etc. are provided by the client.

DTP-WS / Offering

Jam Session:
Different actors
Great potential for big ideas
Understood the approach

2-day workshop:
Go through the theoretical problem throughout the design cycle
Learn and reflect
Understood the approach

3-day workshop:
Real problem from the enterprise
Go through the design thinking process from exploring the "design space" to defining the "critical function", creating a prototype, to a "final prototype".
Get a good problem understanding and a problem/solution-fit
Reflect on “How to bring it home"


Founder of DTP

Michael Lewrick

"We must constantly reflect upon and advance our design thinking mindset. New technologies and progressing digitization offer new opportunities for the development of ideas and the design of customer experiences"

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Patrick Link

"The design thinking mindset and its adaptation to the respective context are more important than the process. Since all agile approaches have basically the same mindset, you can learn a great deal from the other approaches."

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Larry Leifer

"Steve Jobs said it in a nutshell: “Think different!” The correct phrase, of course, would be: “Think differently!” With this, he had expressed the essence of design thinking: don’t necessarily do what is expected as being the right thing."

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 DTP / Partners & Friends

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